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Hawaiian Island Cruise Tips And An Incredibly Fun Thing To See In Hilo: Show 37


The Hawaii Travel Podcast Show 37 for Tuesday September 17th 2013.  On this episode we’ll talk about a fun Hawaiian Island Cruising adventure, and a super cool place where Hawaiian culture, history, and astronomy overlap.  All that and more, on this episode of the Hawaii Travel Podcast.

Hawaiian CruiseBonnie wrote in…

I just discovered and love listening to your Hawaiian podcasts.

 My husband and I will be celebrating our 31st wedding anniversary with a Hawaiian Island Hopping Cruise.   

 I was hoping you can recommend a “not to miss” highlight at each location.  We will have a rental car:



Maui – Kahului


There are two overnights, and we will rent a car one day – hoping you can recommend a beach where we can chill and snorkel on the other days.  (We will have our own gear)


Maui – Kahului


2 extra days in Honolulu (no car)

Hilton Alana Waikiki Hotel

 Thanks so much


Our “must sees” for:


  • Richardson Beach ParkRichardson Beach Park.  Sheltered from heavy surf, this is a great snorkeling black sand beach with lots of turtles.  Black sand beach.
  • Hilo Farmers Market.  Open every day of the week Awesome venue right in downtown Hilo with local food, art, and crafts.


  • Alii Drive. There are many famous sights to see as you make your way down from one end of the Drive to the other (make sure to stop and enjoy a nice dinner on the drive as you watch the sun set into the ocean)Alii Drive

Maui – Kahului (overnight)

  • Io Valley State Park. The Io Needle and a hike through the park is an absolute must for Kahului.
  • Hookipa Paka right near Kahului is a wonderful place to chill and take in the surf/watch windsurfers.  A snack at Paea is also ideal after a nice day on the beach.

Kuai (overnight)

  • Kilauea LighthouseTunnels Beach is probably the best spot for snorkeling.
  • Dan recommends checking out, Kilauea Lighthouse, also on the north end of the island.
  • And, we couldn’t help this,  but take a walk on the beach and see Hanalei by moonlight


  • Diamond Head hike and Waikiki Beach. For only two days and no car, we recommend enjoying Waikiki and Diamond Head, both are not to be missed on Oahu. They are iconic for a reason!


600 Imiloa Pl
Hilo, HI 96720
(808) 969-9700

ImiloaA unique place where Hawaiian culture, history and astronomy collide. This place is great for everyone.  Imiloa features exhibits on the Hawaiian creation myths, historical explorations, a Planetarium, and a Native Garden.  Definitely a great introduction to Hawaii and will give you a deeper appreciation for the place.






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